To Bibi and His Right Wing Supporters at AIPAC (I have some questions)

May I ask you, what do you envision Israel will be in 20, 50, 100 years? What is YOUR plan to maintain a Jewish, democratic Israel for generations to come? The status quo? If so, do you believe the next fifty years of occupation will somehow be better than the first fifty years? Is this acceptable to you (leaving aside, for the moment, the ethical challenge of perpetual occupation of another people)? Are you proposing annexation? If so, will Palestinians have the right to vote or do Jews become a minority ruling over a majority? Do you propose we coerce, or force, Arabs living between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River to leave for the Hashemite Kingdom, perhaps in the hope they will overthrow the monarchy and rename the country Palestine? Should we kill any Arabs that remain, as implied by the graffiti in the photo at the top of this article? If so, do you really believe the world would ignore ethnic cleansing in the 21st Century and thus the risk to Israel’s existence would be minimal? Do you support a two-state solution but feel the Palestinians aren’t ready? If so, how do you propose to address their concerns in order to break the impasse and thus bring an end to this century old conflict?

You say the peace camp is being unrealistic. You say that the Palestinians don’t want peace. (Do you?) You accuse peaceniks of endangering ┬áIsrael and of being traitors to the Jewish people. You dismiss our views as the result of liberal guilt. (Since when is guilt a characteristic of only liberal Jews?) You castigate anyone who believes it is wrong to continue denying another people their aspirations. You find our belief that this endless occupation is corrosive and un-Jewish as naive? Fine, propose a solution, ANY solution that will save Israel.

To all the Bibi Netanyahus, Naftali Bennetts, Sheldon Adelsons, David Freidmans, Morton Kleins, and your fanatical supporters amongst the Evangical Christian world, I’ve got news for you, the real, existential threat to the country we love is NOT Hamas, or Hezbollah, or even Iran. It is the continued occupation. Left unresolved Israel will go the way of every other independent Jewish country-it will disappear. And the fault will be yours, for failing to recognize and ACT on the true nature of the threat, perhaps in a naive and dangerous dream of a greater Israel. Instead of telling me what we can’t or won’t do, tell me what we CAN do? So, again, I ask you, what is YOUR plan to ensure Israel’s survival?

Photo Credit: Oren Rozen, Peace┬áNow’s Price Tag tour, 31 January 2014. Price Tag graffiti on a Palestinian house near Maale Levona. “Jews Wake Up!”, “Death to Arabs”, “Revenge!”

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